New Furnace Or Repair Furnace

  New furnace or Repair furnace? I have had issues with my 12 year old furnace for the past few years. I’m curious should I have a new furnace installed or should I keep fixing this old furnace? Whats the average life of a furnace in Chicago climates? Big Ed replies; These are good questions, there […]

Before You Die

Are you the type to have a bucket list before you die? Or do you live by the seat of your pants and say Que sera sera? Either way works well if you stand behind your choice of life. However being que sera sera person concerning your furnace may not be the wisest choice. Furnaces […]

Gas Furnace Repair

Gas furnace repair may sound funny because you may assume that all furnaces are a gas furnace. But there are a few types of furnaces that are used today for home heating. Gas furnaces are standard in and around the Chicago land area, however when it comes to the sticks or out in rural areas […]

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance and furnace tune-ups is one of the most neglected choirs in a household. There have been survey’s about home heating and air conditioning equipment, which was considered the 3rd most neglected appliance in a household. Think about this for a minute, when do you call a hvac contractor to your home?  Most of the answers come […]

What Furnace Maintenance Do I Need To Do?

It always amazes me that people often times do not know what kind of maintenance needs to be done to the various working parts of their home.  When you sign on the dotted line when you get your mortgage, they should also hand you a guide to home maintenance.  Like everything else in your life, […]

How do I decide which furnace to get?

Nothing is worse than your furnace going out in the middle of winter (especially if you live in a colder climate like Chicago). In a panic, you are trying to figure out what the best furnace is for your home. Here are a few questions to ask when you are deciding which Trane furnace to […]

New Boiler Oak Park

Many Oak Park homes are fitted with boiler heat (whether its steam heat or water heat). Boiler heat is the best source of comfort heating, because it maintains a consistent temperature throughout your home. Boilers always been energy efficient, and if you have maintained your boiler regularly, you should have a decent boiler system. However, […]

I want to replace my furnace

Some of the reasons for replacing your furnace can be as follows: A heating contractor service technician says you have to.  There are several reasons a HVAC contractor will tell you this.   You could have a crack in your heat exchanger. Your furnace is too old to fix. Your repair cost is more than […]

Furnace Cleaning

We had a small taste of what winter will bring. Mind you it’s only a small Taste. Soon the cold temperatures will plummet and furnace will be running at full speed. Many Chicago heating contractors advertise furnace cleaning; the reason behind such advertising is to prepare you and your heating system for 6 months of […]

Furnace Repair Irving Park

Around The Town Heating and Cooling knows that the holiday season is here and money is tight. However, this is the season when having a furnace breakdown is one headache you don’t need. Is it the day before the holiday and your furnace isn’t giving enough heat or has completely broken down? If so, we […]