New Boiler Oak Park

Many Oak Park homes are fitted with boiler heat (whether its steam heat or water heat). Boiler heat is the best source of comfort heating, because it maintains a consistent temperature throughout your home. Boilers always been energy efficient, and if you have maintained your boiler regularly, you should have a decent boiler system. However, with the ever presences of the green footprint and the plan of phasing out fossil fuels, the government has set a higher standard for boiler manufactures to increase the energy efficiencies of the boilers being built now.

We have many customers that had older boilers and have replaced their older boiler with the new high efficient Burnham boiler series 3. The outcome has been successful for our customers as well as us because our customers are very satisfied with the new Burnham series 3 boiler that comes equipped with 84% efficiencies (a reliable cast iron heat exchanger a more stylish appearance.) Other features include the IQ control system with the true plug and play, an outdoor reset, auxiliary high limit, and a low water cut off for protecting the boiler from firing with low water. Other options include LCD touch screen with the options to call your boiler from your cell phone to adjust the temperatures and check the overall performance level of the boiler.

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