Before You Die

Are you the type to have a bucket list before you die? Or do you live by the seat of your pants and say Que sera sera? Either way works well if you stand behind your choice of life.
However being que sera sera person concerning your furnace may not be the wisest choice. Furnaces like anything in life require maintenance. Your body needs food, your car needs fuel and oil, and your furnace needs natural gas to operate.
However our body requires exercise to function properly, as well as our automobiles requires tune ups and such. This is no different than your furnace needing maintenance to function properly.

Without a furnace regimen do you really know the condition of your heat exchanger? Is maintenance of your furnace part of your bucket list? Another words do you ever get your furnace maintained? Or you’ll wait until the end?
Furnace maintenance is critical for the well-being of you and your loved ones. Carbon monoxide is a no laughing matter and should not be part of anyone’s que sera sera or bucket list attitude.

Ever year you hear of carbon monoxide deaths or sickness due to lack of furnace or heating system maintenance.
If you wait before you die to have your furnace maintained, it may be too late at that point. Furnace maintenance is important; have us out to check it out. Scratch that off the bucket list…

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