Gas Furnace Repair

Gas furnace repair may sound funny because you may assume that all furnaces are a gas furnace.
But there are a few types of furnaces that are used today for home heating.

Gas furnaces are standard in and around the Chicago land area, however when it comes to the sticks or out in rural areas there may be propane gas furnaces or electric furnaces and of course the oil powered furnaces.

In some states you may even find a coal furnace here or there in the residential sector still being used. They are old but still operational. Of course these furnaces have become obsolete and are bad for the environment and one’s health as well.  Gas furnaces come in a wide variety of efficiencies, the most common existing gas furnaces we see in the field today are the 70% efficient.

Gas furnace by Amana, lifetime furnace replacement
You want gas furnace protection, Amana offers a lifetime replacement warranty should the stainless steel heat exchanger fail.

We also see the old Mueller Climatrol furnace still being operated today and believe it or not the efficiency is considered low by today standards, however the owners of that furnace swear that their gas bills are relatively low. Is this true? I don’t know, but the customer says so.

Gas furnaces are becoming more efficient by the year with the Department of Energy mandating so. Basically your 80% efficient furnace which supposed to be going by the wayside come May 1st 2013 is the most popular selling gas furnace. The next best gas furnace is your 90% efficient then you have the efficiency jump to 95% as well as the 97 and 98% efficient furnace.

With the increase of efficiencies, the technology grows and so does the cost of repairs for the modern gas furnace. With registration most gas furnace Manufactures offer ten year on furnace parts and some offer lifetime heat exchanger warranties. Qualifying Amana furnaces comes with a lifetime furnace replacement should the stainless steel heat exchanger ever fail. That’s a great deal, find out more about Amana gas furnaces call 312-243-9896 or go to  for more info.

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