I want to replace my furnace

Some of the reasons for replacing your furnace can be as follows:

  1. A heating contractor service technician says you have to.  There are several reasons a HVAC contractor will tell you this.   You could have a crack in your heat exchanger. Your furnace is too old to fix. Your repair cost is more than the life of your furnace. Your furnace is costing you too much money in natural gas consumption.

2. You decide that it’s time to replace your furnace due to rising energy cost and you worry about your furnace breaking down in the middle of a deep cold spell.

3. You keep seeing advertisements about the energy tax credits from the government to upgrade your furnace to a super high efficient furnace, 95% efficient or higher.

4. You don’t want to miss the dead line of December 2010 to your energy tax credit from Uncle Sam.

5. You are selling your home and you feel a new furnace will help in the sale of your home.  New home buyers have other things to worry about after moving into a new home than replacing the furnace.

6. Your basement flooded and you have been waiting until you really have to replace your furnace.  However, the cold weather is creeping up swiftly.

7. Finally you say to yourself I have plenty of money and I want to participate in the green movement by lowering my footprint.

All these reason are good and having a new furnace does give you a peace of mind during the cold frigid Chicago winters.