Have you changed your furnace filter this month?

Furnace filters should be checked or changed monthly. The manufactures require a monthly furnace filter change. However every home is different as far as dust and dirt goes. Many homes that are cleaned a couple times a week stir up dust and dirt particles, those particles floating in the air and while your furnace is […]

Heating System Maintenance Cost

Heating system maintenance cost. Fall is approaching, the evenings begin to cool down and some might think about changing the selector switch on their thermostat from cool to heat. Yes that’s right, heating season already. Time does fly by that’s for sure. Heating system maintenance cost; its time for your heating system maintenance which is  […]

Home Central Air Conditioning

Home central air conditioning contractor commitment to you. Home central air conditioning contractor has promises that the work we do in your home is as important to us as your home is to you.  Our technicians have proven skill sets to perform the job correctly the first time. If a mistake should occur, after all […]

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance and furnace tune-ups is one of the most neglected choirs in a household. There have been survey’s about home heating and air conditioning equipment, which was considered the 3rd most neglected appliance in a household. Think about this for a minute, when do you call a hvac contractor to your home?  Most of the answers come […]

Heating system maintenance

Heating system maintenance season is near, cool temperatures will soon be approaching, Heating system maintenance will be required,however in the Chicago land area it can be 90 degrees in the day and drop down to the 40’s and 50’s in the evening and overnight. What does this mean to you? Well, let’s see; the evening […]

Tips For Cleaning Up Your Indoor Air

According to the EPA, we spend about 90% of our time indoors.  That is a lot of time to spend breathing in air that is not clear, fresh, nor healthy.  We often hear about outdoor pollution (Republican debates, State of the Union address, etc), but how often do you really think about how fresh your […]

Furnace Life Expectancies

  In 1978, we saw a change in furnace designs from natural draft furnaces to furnaces with the draft inducer motor.  In the 1980’s and early 90’s, the efficiency levels raised from 78% and greater.  Now, furnace efficiencies have increased to 80% and up to 98% efficient. We get calls on a regular basis concerning […]

Central air conditioning repair

Central air conditioning repair Central air conditioning repairs can be avoided in most cases if you follow these few guide lines. 1. If you cover your central air conditioner or condenser for the winter, make sure you remove the cover before starting the a/c. You may laugh, however we get 10 plus calls a year […]

Chicago Furnace Tune-Ups

Fall is approaching, a few cool evenings have arrived, and this is a good indicator that heating season is near. Your boiler’s or furnace’s thermostat selector switch will be moving from cool to heat. Furnace filters should be checked, and boiler pumps need oiling. Pre-heating season specials will be appearing in the newspapers and on TV […]

hvac problems/air conditioning/heating

hvac problems/air conditioning/heating If your looking for honest answers without a lenghty sales pitch call the comfort specialist of Around The Town Today! Who’s the best heating and air conditioning company in the Chicago Land area? I would say our company Around The Town Heating and Cooling  I say that because I truly believe that!  […]