Furnace Cleaning

We had a small taste of what winter will bring. Mind you it’s only a small Taste. Soon the cold temperatures will plummet and furnace will be running at full speed.

Many Chicago heating contractors advertise furnace cleaning; the reason behind such advertising is to prepare you and your heating system for 6 months of continuous use. It is better to spend a little now then to spend a lot later in the season when your heating system is broke down and you have to wait for us or another heating contractor to come to your home to repair your furnace. (And furnaces never seem to break down when it is convenient for you!)

Furnace cleaning is not the end all solution to guarantee your furnace won’t breakdown. However, our technicians can see a potential problem and inform you of that problem. You then can choose to have us correct a potential problem. Furnace cleaning have saved lives due to technicians finding cracks in the heat exchanger which was spilling carbon monoxide among other things!

It has been said that penny wise and dollar foolish has caused more harm than good, so remember to get your furnace cleaned!