New Furnace Or Repair Furnace


New furnace or Repair furnace?

I have had issues with my 12 year old furnace for the past few years. I’m curious should I have a new furnace installed or should I keep fixing this old furnace? Whats the average life of a furnace in Chicago climates?

Big Ed replies; These are good questions, there are many factors that will lend itself to these questions.

  1. Has your furnace been maintained in the time you have lived in this resident? For example, Furnace tune ups and inspections from qualified HVAC contractors?
  2. Have you changed your furnace filter every 2 months or less?
  3. Have your furnace repairs less then $105.00?

If the answer to these questions are no, it’s a good probability that replacing your furnace is the right fit for you.
The reason I say this is based on manufactures of these furnaces recommendations to have your furnace tuned up and maintained annually. Also I work in the field performing service and installations of furnaces and  when we removed old furnaces we find cracks in heat exchangers and clogged air conditioning evaporator coils, as well as clogged blower motor squirrel cages.

Also in the Chicagoland region these old general air humidifiers (those square green units above your furnace) were used to pass code enforcement has always leaked and rusted the furnace and the heat exchanger.

It is our suggestion that if you’re not sure then it would be prudent to call us at 312-243-9896 to schedule a free estimate for a new furnace or have your furnace tuned up for $89.95 and our technicians will inform you of the condition of your furnace.


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