I want to replace my furnace

Some of the reasons for replacing your furnace can be as follows: A heating contractor service technician says you have to.  There are several reasons a HVAC contractor will tell you this.   You could have a crack in your heat exchanger. Your furnace is too old to fix. Your repair cost is more than […]

Replace furnace

Replacing your furnace should be a pleasant experience. The crew of Around The Town heating and cooling makes the transition of replacing your furnace a no hassle task. All you have to do as a home owner is to point our technicians to the furnace room and then walk away and let the guys go […]

New Furnace/New air conditioning

Planning on up grading your air conditioning systems?  That is a wise choice since most of the new furnace and air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient. If you are going to only replace your furnace, make sure that the blower motor is sized correctly to handle air flow issues as well as the possibility […]