Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance and furnace tune-ups is one of the most neglected choirs in a household. There have been survey’s about home heating and air conditioning equipment, which was considered the 3rd most neglected appliance in a household.
Think about this for a minute, when do you call a hvac contractor to your home?  Most of the answers come back with; when I’m too cold or too hot’.
Image a world where you go to work, take vacations, riase your childrenwith no complications, for example problematic heating and air conditioning, plumbing issues or car troubles.

This could be a reality.  It’s quite simple, maintenance in life is essential, and this applies to your health, as well as your home appliances. When you neglect any mechanical item like your furnace, plumbing or even your car, that’s when the  world you are striving for can have a road block. There is a simple solution for this potential road block, and that is maintenance, furnace maintenance!

Furnace maintenance is an easy task, all you have to do is call in a furnace maintenance contractor, and they will do the rest.

furnace maintenance
Furnace maintenance promotes clean burning burners which is a good thing,

Furnace maintenance consists of;

  • Cleaning and checking the burners
  • inspecting heat exchanger for cracks or failure
  • checking all safety controls on furnace for proper operation
  • clean and adjust pilot assembly for clean firing of burners
  • checking circuit control board for burn marks or arking, vacuuming complete furnace
  • checking the chimney for obstruction and proper venting
  • checking furnace filter to insure cleanliness
  •  inspecting and performing an amperage draw of blower motor( this will insure the motor is working at full potential).

These are your normal furnace maintenance checks. Having furnace maintenance checks will tell you the conditioning of your furnace.
The service technician will inform you of any problems if any, and will give you recommendations to insure your furnace will stay healthy and perform as it should.

If you believe you are lacking Furnace maintenance then call 312-243-9896.

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