Yearly Chicago Boiler Service Maintenance Can Keep Your Heating Systems Running Efficiently


Homeowners should have their boilers serviced every year.

Most homeowners do not know how much lack of maintenance can affect their equipment.

If a boiler is not serviced regularly, products of combustion build up on the heat exchanger, which may reduce heat transfer and result in lower energy efficiency and less comfort. In addition, safety, reliability, and longevity may be compromised if a boiler is not properly maintained.

Annual service not only helps keep boilers running efficiently, it gives contractors the ability to spot other potential problems, such as water leaks, piping problems, venting issues, and improperly functioning controls. Regular service also gives contractors the opportunity to suggest additional energy-saving measures, such as programmable thermostats, outdoor reset controls, and other smart retrofits.


How much efficiency can be lost if a boiler is not properly maintained? buildup of combustion byproduct on a boiler’s heat exchanger can lead to a loss in efficiency of 5-10 percent or more, if settings and combustion performance slip out of the specific range for optimal burning, gas valve settings can move and efficiency will fall.

Without proper care and regular maintenance, which includes cleaning the heat exchanger and monitoring water chemistry, the performance of a boiler will decrease over time.

Hard water can result in scale deposits, which lower the heat transfer rate and negatively effect boiler efficiency, The insulating effect of deposits will cause the flue gas temperature to rise, which prevents condensation and, in turn, will decrease boiler efficiency at least 10 percent. As boiler efficiency decreases, homeowners may find their heating systems unable to maintain comfortable temperatures during extreme weather.

Regular maintenance keeps boilers operating at their highest efficiencies by ensuring that the heat exchanger surfaces and burners are clean and combustion is optimized, The byproducts of combustion can build up on the heat exchanger surfaces over time, insulating them and reducing their heat transfer capabilities. Dirty burners likewise do not perform to their designed efficiencies. Dirty heat exchangers and burners can also cause boilers to operate at higher temperatures due to the reduced transfer of heat. This can shorten a boiler’s life.

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