Winterizing your Home in Chicago

Winterizing your home in Chicago is just not replacing your old and inefficient furnace. There’s more to it. If you were to take a lighter and run it along the trim of your windows, doors and thresholds there is a good chance you would see the flame flickering. If the flame is flickering that’s a sign that the cold from outdoors is getting in your home. What does that mean to you? Well higher gas bills to pay due to the heating systems longer run time. Also with this longer run time, is wear and tear or the components of the heating system. Which can lead to premature heating system breakdowns. Also if are is getting into your home through these penetration points then so is dust and dirt, you may wonder what dust and dirt has to do with the higher gas bills? Well it shortens the furnace filter life span, creating dirty furnace filters much sooner then normal.

We all know that every one changes their furnace filter monthly?


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