Which hvac contractor is right for me?

Which hvac contractor is right for me?

Answer: Only you would know if a hvac contractor is a right fit for you, here are some questions you should ponder.

1. How important is it for the hvac contractor to be close to you?
2. How important is price for service verses quality of service?
3. Is the contractor going to disappear after I pay them?
4. How long do they guarantee their work?
5. For service work, are references available? And installations?
6. Do I choose a small hvac contractor or a large hvac contractor?

Answer: 1 Having a hvac contractor close sometimes helps in getting service quicker during those extreme weather conditions, when hvac contractors are running at 110 % and their calendars are full, sometimes a technician passing your location can do a quick in and out on his way to another call and at the very least figure your problem out and if parts aren’t available on their truck, we can get the parts on order and get back with you within a few hours.

Answer: 2. Sometimes consumers will say no to making a complete repair, another words only replacing one of the 2 parts recommended, for example replacing the flame sensor along with the broken igniter, we have found that by not changing the flame sensor more times than none we get call backs and even though the consumer was told they said no to the second part.

Answer: 3. As far as our company, we do not perform the disappearing act; we welcome continued services from you, if you will have us.

Answer: 4. Our service guarantees are 1 year for parts and labor. Our installation guaranty varies per equipment purchased i.e. Furnaces, boilers, mini split systems and so on. The warranty will be written and enforced per our contract with you as long as you follow the manufactures recommendations of proper maintenance procedures. (Manufactures rules not ours)In the event that your hvac equipment has a failure of some sort, as of 1-1-2011 the hvac manufactures require proof of maintenance before they will give us warranted parts for you. This message goes along with question 6 big verses small.

Answer: 5. Although unusual, we would be more than happy to provide you with service work references on request, you can also get that info about us or any company by researching online.

Answer: 6. Big verses small, we are a small hvac contractor and choose to stay that way, like the manufactures rules at the end of answer 4, big wants more and more, us small guys are happy with what we have.

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