What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Stolen In Chicago

What to do if your air conditioner is stolen in Chicago

Has your central air conditioner been stolen or parts removed? If so, the first thing you should do is report it to your insurance company. They will tell you if you need to contact the police. Sometimes they want a police report; sometimes not. It all depends on who your insurance company is. The next step is to call Around The Town Heating And Air conditioning services to get a free estimate for a new air conditioning system.

what to do if your air conditioner is stolen in chicago

Because this has been very common for about 10 years or so,  there are theft deterrent systems for air conditioners. Such as the watch dog high pitched arm system, of coarse the benevolent ac cages.

Do they deter theft? If a thief wants to steal something bad enough, most theft protection won`t be 100% theft proof, but it will help.

Now I can tell you that the 1000 or so cages we have installed, their have been no calls from our customers complaining of theft. We see probably 500 or so of these customers annually. Out of 75 or so watch dog high pitched alarm systems only one customer stated that a theft was attempted and the alarm failed to whale. When we sent a technician out, to troubleshoot the watch dog system, we had found that an electrician had removed the connection to the breaker therefore rendering the watchdog high pitched alarm system useless.

A relocation of your air conditioner might not be a bad idea. If your air conditioner is hidden away where a thief has time to remove it without being noticed then that too is a problem. Relocating the air conditioner in plain sight of everyone is actually a theft deterrent as well.

Central air conditioning systems are expensive and should be protected, maintained, and tuned up yearly. With the new refrigerant systems comes higher prices so pay attention and call us for your new air conditioner and theft deterrent today!

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