WestLoop/SouthLoop Airconditioning repair

Spring has arrived and the majority of you high rise condo owners have turned your a/c system on to knock off the rise in the humidity levels of late.

Did your a/c perform to your satisfaction thus far? If yes that’s great, and keep it working by have your air conditioning system tune up and cleaned, if your answer was no, then its time to Call Around The Town  Air conditioning services Chicago to get your air conditioning repaired and repaired properly.

So far this Spring we have received over 200 calls for tune ups and repairs on the a/c ‘s for high rise condos in Chicago and we made permanent fixes or cleanings on 180 units and the other 20 we installed new air conditioning systems due to burnt out compressors caused by faulty installations.

Another cause of compressor failure is from Refrigerant leaking out of the Chicago code pressure relief valves. This causes the compressor to operate at extremely high temperatures due to the lack of Refrigerant that aids in the cooling of the compressor during normal design operations.

One of the most seen problems we run across in the field is the lack of maintenance with air conditioning systems that accounts for the majority of breakdowns that eventually leads to a new air conditioning system in and Around Chicago.

Call todat to schedule your a/c tune up or repair at 312-243-9896

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