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Water heaters of today verses water heaters of years back.

Water heater and the lack of; There is nothing worse than having no hot water to bathe with, except for walking down stairs to the basement with your socks on and stepping into a pile of” Water from your hot water heater.
Of course if your hot water tank is on your first or second floor and it leaks or burst then it’s a whole other problem, ceiling issues, mold problems and of course the dreaded call to your insurance company.

water heater
HWT leaking, Imagine this leak if it was not caught in time, flooded basement.. or worse..

Water heaters of today require maintenance more so than the water heaters of past. All though all appliances whether a water heater, gas furnace, washer and dryer and air conditioning systems require maintenance. The manufactures build them that way. You may wonder why? Simple really, planned obsolescent or better known as greed. Getting a little of topic, Just like the City Of Chicago and the traffic cams that are now in full force.

Anything that corporate America can take away from their citizens they do. Like our money.
Therefore to beat the system, drive the speed limit, have your water heater and all your other appliances maintained. It’s a sad shame that we citizens in the United States have to pay for the fat cats to keep lining their pockets because of governmental theft. They steal and they come up with ways to hide the theft by installing traffic speed cams and pay for parking and so on… When will this stop?

Back to the topic of water heaters, when you get a new hot water heater it clearly state that you should drain the water heater yearly and clean in the burner compartment as well as keeping the area around the outside of the water heater clean.

Believe you me, we see hundreds of  hot water tank a month and 80% of them are full of dust, dirt and lint. We inform the homeowners to add cleaning the general area of the water heater to their list of choirs.
Water heaters can be a great source of hot water if maintained properly. And the life of the water heater will increase greatly by adding a yearly maintenance schedule to that water heater.
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One thought on “Water Heater

  1. Steve Jackson says:

    I underestimated how dirty my Water Heater was! When I had my heating and cooling repaired, I had a technician clean out my water heater. I was amazed to say the least.

    I can’t imagine if my water heater broke and flooded my basement, such an easy preventable thing!

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