How Warm Should My Apartment Be?

Chicago apartment heating

How Warm Should My Apartment Be?

Many Chicagoans don’t realize they’re entitled to certain temperatures during the cold winter. Those who do usually don’t know what rights they have over their apartment heating.

According to the Chicago Tenant Ordinance Summary your apartment should maintain:

  • 68 degrees between 8:30 AM and 10:30PM
  • 65 degrees for all other times.

If your apartment isn’t hitting these temperatures, you need to discuss your options with your landlord. Legally they are obligated to provide these temperatures. Sometimes its as simple as a furnace tune up and basic insulation. Other measures call for buying space heaters and deducting from rent, finding temporary housing, or other creative solutions.

Proper heat is our number one priority in the winter! That’s why Around the Town HVAC is here for all your heating needs.  For more information visit the: Chicago Rent Rights site.

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