Uneven temperatures in my home/air conditioning

Uneven temperatures in my home/air conditioning

The last post I talked about central air conditioning tips of sorts. I didn’t go into too many details but I believe if you read the post you may have learned something or even remembered what you already knew.

There are other suggestions like these that will help in keeping your electrical bills down during the summer months as well as providing you with proper cooling. There is some work involved on your part but if you do as instructed you will see comfortable changes in your home and pocket book.

This statement applies to summer and winter.

For cooling if you and your family are gone during the day for work raise your thermostat to 78 to 80 degrees on the thermostat, never shut your air conditioning system off, why you may ask? Due to the high humidity levels when the heat is blaring, shutting off your a/c is not suggested because the humidity builds up and having such high humidity to remove when you turn your a/c back on will take much longer and consume much more electrical energy. In the winter months lower your thermostat while you are away to about 65 degrees, you will save money in natural gas consumption.

If you live in a single family home and you have a swimming pool it is suggested that you run your pool filter at night when the sun is down and the peak energy load of your home is down as well.

When the sun is blaring, the heat load or heat gain is much worse on your home or business so keeping this in mind it is a good idea to close your blinds or drapes to keep out that extra heat. In the winter and the sun is blaring do the exact opposite to gain heat.

*If you live in Chicago and have a 3 or 4 story home and the top floors are either too hot in the summer or your lower floors are too cold in the winter here are some other suggestions to correct that. As you know from science class the principle of thermodynamics are as follows; heat moves to cold and heat rises whereas cooling falls due to the density of moist cool air. Keeping that in mind, in the summer months close your vents in the lower portion of your home in order to push the air up higher to the hot rooms, the same applies in the winter months close the upper vents so that the lower vents get more heat because heat does rise.

With the above statements, remember season to season reverse the order of the vents as well as making sure you change your furnace filter monthly. Before making the changes ask your local hvac contractor if performing these above tasks will be ok to do. Some systems are designed poorly and can cause harm if air flow is restricted; other systems are designed to work with all vents open.

If you’re not sure call Ed at Around The Town Heating and Cooling and ask these question and Ed will help you out.

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