As you know – the 25c tax credit was retroactively enacted for 2012 and extended through 2013.  However, the IRS was caught slightly off guard by this change.  According to a press release, the IRS Form 5695, which is required to be completed in order to claim the 25c credit, will likely not be available until late February or early March.  Meaning, any homeowners who will be claiming this credit for their 2012 taxes will need to wait until the form is available.

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Furnace Rebates Expiring Act Now! – May 31st, 2012

Residential Prescriptive Rebate Program from Peoples Gas. Owners of single-family homes and smaller multifamily buildings can get rebates when they install certain types of high-efficiency furnaces, boilers and boiler reset controls — and now air conditioners.

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Heating And Air conditioning contractor offers rebates through the local utility companies. Purchase a new furnace and central air conditioning system and receive Rebates within 3 weeks of installation. Check is mailed directly to you.

Nicor Gas Home Energy Efficiency Rebate

Install a qualifying furnace and central air conditioner to receive your rebates and Tax credits (Call for Details)

Trane has great deals on Trane package systems that qualify for special financing as well as great rebates. Call today to find out more.

Around the Town Heating & Cooling™ believes the government should have kept the energy tax credit in full swing to help reduce the green footprint.

We can still understand the government’s argument that they are giving too much credit back and it is hurting the fiscal budget. This is a double edge sword because either way the economy and our environment suffers. The government can’t keep giving money away without raising taxes.

However, Around the Town Heating & Cooling™ still has rebate offers through Peoples Gas, Nicor, and Com Ed.

Replace Your Heating and Cooling System and Save

ComEd has partnered with the local natural gas utilities to offer incentives for replacing the complete central heating and cooling system in your home with select high-efficiency equipment.

ComEd customers who are also served by Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, or North Shore Gas are eligible to participate in the Complete System Replacement combined rebates program.

If you need a furnace and air conditioning system this program will definitely meet your standards.

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