Tax credit qualiying furnaces

Tax credit qualifying furnaces ends soon December 31, 2010, if you’re having air conditioning problems and your furnace is old, it’s a good possibility that your blower motor on your old furnace is not running at full cfm or full speed to boil off the refrigerant properly to create the cooling you desire. Of course there are many other factors that cause a/c’s not to run properly and I’ll explain that in a moment, the point mentioned above is that if you get your energy tax credit furnace while you still can, it may aid in your air conditioning system working better and at the same time get your 30% back from the government. Not a bad deal?

Servicing air conditioning systems have many key factors in performances and lack of performances. Saturday afternoon I went repair call on a roof top of a condo building in Wicker Park on concord Pl. next to the el trains and found that the air conditioning system had the obvious signs that the system was working properly, couldn’t be the furthest from the truth, after looking deeper into the system I found that the condenser (outside unit) was very dirty and that the unit needs blowing out with compressed air due to the lack of availability of water for cleaning purposes. Dirt clogging the condenser can be a major force in deterring you’re a/c system from working properly

 This is why we HVAC contractors stress the importance of air conditioning, furnace or boiler tune ups. The idea behind the HVAC equipment cleanings is to help keep your repair cost down to a small roar verse’s a hoot and holler.

Air conditioning and your furnace needs to be in sync with one another in order to have a properly working air conditioning system, remember furnace filters need checking once a month at a minimum and change the filter no more than every 2 months. If you buy those pleated filters that say they are good for 3 months, do not go buy the manufactures label, you have to judge buy the amount of dust and dirt that maybe flowing around your home. Every home has a different amount of dust and dirt floating around the home so use good judge and protect the health of your furnace and your home by practicing due diligence.
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