Take care of furnace issues before it’s too late

phoneguyHere’s a hot tip for fall: Take action now so that a furnace problem doesn’t leave you in the cold.

An inspection and tuneup will help ensure that your heating system is winter-ready, safe and efficient.

Our consumer services researchers found that the price of a furnace inspection can start as low as $75. But the cost of neglecting furnace maintenance can be high, not only in terms of cost, but in convenience and safety.

home_radiatorHeating pros tell our team that 75 percent of emergency winter calls can be attributed to lack of maintenance. A neglected heating system might break down when you most need it. It can also lead to higher energy bills. In the worst-case scenario, an untended furnace may emit colorless, odorless but deadly carbon monoxide.

Our researchers found that during a thorough heating-system inspection, a technician will:

  •  Check electrical connections and test voltage to make sure system components aren’t likely to fail anytime soon.
  •  Lubricate moving parts. Insufficient lubrication can decrease overall efficiency and create early wear and tear.
  •  Make sure the condensation drain for your home’s air conditioner, furnace or heat pump isn’t clogged. An obstructed drain can cause water damage, high humidity, and mold or bacteria growth.

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