My Steam Boiler Won’t Turn On

Are you having difficulties with your steam boiler? First, low water cut off controls can be your problem.  Is there enough water in your boiler? The site glass on the side of your boiler will show you the water level.  If the water level is half way up the glass or more than half way, […]

Furnace Service Chicago

Furnace Service Chicago and older piloted type of furnaces Q: I have an older type of furnace and the pilot light keeps going out, what can I do to stop that? A: There are a couple of items that can be causing this problem, 1 the thermocouple may be defective. 2 the gas valve internal […]

Furnace Troubleshooting Part 2

In furnace troubleshooting part 1, we talked about how to determine which efficient furnace you have as well as determining your pressure switch problem on your furnace. We also discussed the thermostat and the low voltage circuit connected with the thermostat. Hopefully that was helpful. This segment of furnace trouble shooting, we will talk about […]