When it comes to your home, going green is good for both the environment and your pocketbook

BMO Harris Financial Tip of the Week: Chicago, Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — As part of BMO Harris Bank’s ongoing commitment to financial literacy and Helping Make Money Make Sense BMO Harris is providing weekly financial tips. This week’s tip teaches how “Going Green” is surprisingly simple and cost effective. BMO Harris Bank provides several strategies […]

10 Questions To Ask Your Air Conditioning Contractor

A new air conditioner is a major expense in your home.  It is one of the most expensive things you will purchase; yet, it is worth every cent when the Chicagoland temperatures get to be in the 90’s.  You don’t want to randomly pick just anyone to come do the work at your home.  Instead, […]

Forced Air Furnace Repair Chicago

What is a forced air furnace? Simply put, a forced air furnace is a vessel that forces heated air by way of a blower motor for comfort into your home structure.  As your thermostat calls for heat, your forced air furnace starts a heating cycle.  First, a safety check is performed through the electrical control […]