Five-Star Furnace Chicago

Todays economy requires due diligent when replacing one’s furnace heating system in Chicago. Many consumers think that the lowest bid or estimate for their furnace that they receive is the way to go. However, that thinking can be wrong. Just this morning I went to a home that had a new boiler installed by a well […]

New furnace

Today’s furnaces can run up to 97% energy efficient. The standard furnace of today is a minimum of 80% efficient. Now, if you have a 20 year or older furnace, you can be sending your hard earned money up the chimney and providing new corporate jets for the gas company Ceo’s. Ask yourself, is that […]

Heating and air conditioning Evergreen Park

Fall is officially here, what does this mean to you? First, the kids are in school, secondly, holidays are coming around and this could mean you may have a day off of work to get some chores done around the house like getting your furnace or boiler cleaned and tuned up for the cold winter […]