Air Conditioning Contractor West Town Chicago

This air conditioning contractor in West Town Chicago has great promotions on air conditioning maintenance checks, discounted service call charges, and great discounts on parts cost as well as Refrigerant costs. Summer hit us early, sure there may be some cool days returning, but the heat will overcome the cold and being prepared by having […]

Beware Of The 2013 Furnace Efficiency Law Scammers

When new laws are implemented there seems to be self-interpretations of the laws that people see dollar signs associated with.  If there is a way to scare people in believing that you have to do something now or suffer the consequences later, the scammers can and usually do figure it out. Just yesterday, we received […]

Will The 2013 Furnace Efficiency Laws Affect You?

The federal government says it is time to mandate the new efficiency ratings of furnaces in the northern regions of the United States. Every so often this occurrence takes place with furnaces as well as central air conditioning energy efficiency ratings. This is no different than the automotive fuel economy minimum standards.  According to the […]

How The New Minimum Efficiency Standards Agreement Will Affect Us All

The Department Of Energy has passed a new law concerning the efficiency ratings of new furnaces.  New federal efficiency guidelines for new furnaces are starting as of May 1st, 2013. Since there is such a large carbon footprint that is being left on this earth, the federal government is pushing for more stringent guidelines for […]

Air Conditioning In Chicago

This summer has been very warm and it has been nice for hitting the beaches (like the Oak Street Beach), while we are performing air conditioning services near Old town and along the shore of Lake Michigan. If you are a person that relies on comfort indoors, you definitely need to make sure that your […]