Central Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Central air conditioning repair costs expected to rise in 2022 Central air conditioning repair costs are expected to increase in 2022. Central air conditioning parts and units are in short supply and in high demand. This issue with soaring prices has to do with inflation and supply chain issues. Not to mention our incompetent government.

A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better

A/C Replacement Verses A/C Repair which is better? This question comes up often in conversations with customers and hvac technicians as well. A/C replacement for energy efficiency is always a good idea in order to help decrease the carbon footprint of the earth’s atmosphere. However repairing you’re a/c can be cheaper and the a/c system […]

Central Air conditioning Repair Chicago

Central air conditioning repair Chicago, spring is near and soon the warm temperatures to follow. Central air conditioning repair, HVAC contractors will be promoting sales on selected central air conditioning systems. With the R-22 refrigerant soaring at an all-time high, central air conditioning replacements will boom due to the high cost of repairs for the […]

comprehensive air conditioning chicago

When the federal government in cooperation with the EPA had suggested that an ozone free refrigerant needed to be engineered to help elevate the ozone layer depletion,they the government went to work with the big air conditioning and heating manufactures to produce a new refrigerant that will slow down the depletion of the ozone layer. […]