Furnace Troubleshooting Part 2

In furnace troubleshooting part 1, we talked about how to determine which efficient furnace you have as well as determining your pressure switch problem on your furnace. We also discussed the thermostat and the low voltage circuit connected with the thermostat. Hopefully that was helpful. This segment of furnace trouble shooting, we will talk about […]

Furnace Troubleshooting

Gas furnace repairs aren’t that difficult for your standard 80% furnaces. How do you identifying an 80% furnace? First, the furnace has steel flue pipe above the furnace leading to your chimney. Second, the furnace has only one pressure switch. The tag or name plate inside your furnace is where the model and serial number is […]

Broken furnace, broke furnace

Oak Lawn residents are always in need of a good broken furnace repair man.  Around The Town Heating is always Oak Lawn’s residential first choice for broke furnace repair. Don’t despair Around The Town Heating is near. If your furnace is between 5 years and 12 years old, it is a good possibility that you […]