Spring Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

With the crazy Chicago weather we’ve had, it is hard to tell if we are in summer or if we are in Spring! That being said, I have already had to mow my law which means it is time to do spring cleaning. Besides putting away your winter clothes, there are a few things you […]

Boiler Maintenance: 5 Steps You Can Take At Home

One of the best forms of heat out there comes from boiler heat.  However, a boiler intimidates many homeowners.  However, there are several steps you can and should take if you own a boiler:

Lagrange Park Furnace Repair

To the residents of Lagrange Park – Are you looking for a new face in town to tend to your furnace needs? Certain hvac companies seem to believe they own a neighborhood as far as repairing and installing furnaces and boilers. Well, they are wrong. Around The Town Heating and Cooling has expanded our service area […]

boiler Chicago repair service installation

Boiler repair in Chicago can be a strenuous task especially when it comes to steam boilers and water boilers. They can be troublesome sometimes but all in all repairing and installing boilers is our forte. The biggest problems we see with boilers are the lack of maintenance from the owners of the boilers. Boiler heat […]

Residential Steam Boiler Issues in Chicago

Not all residential hvac contractors install residential and light commercial boilers. We here ar Chicago Heating enjoy the challenge of a big clunky old steam boiler repair or replacement. There`s a few simple repair tips to alleviate the clangs you hear with Residential Steam Boilers. Often times, over years a steam boiler builds up sediment […]