Chicago HVAC Contractor Licensing

There are unlicensed heating and air conditioning contractors performing construction work as well as plumbing work, heating work, etc here in Chicago.  By both state and city ordinances, that’s wrong and illegal. All Chicago HVAC contractors are suppose to be licensed. Besides Chicago and Cook County, many municipalities govern themselves on licensing and permits and […]

Hvac Contractor Chicago

Air conditioning season is almost here, if you are in the market for a new air conditioning system be very careful which brand and what refrigerant blend you purchase. This blog may shake things up a bit. But read on. This big push to save the ozone by eliminating ozone depleting Refrigerant gases is becoming […]

Evergreen Park HVAC Contractors

With the economy in the condition it is in, everyone is trying to get the most for the money and trying to stretch a buck. That’s the why the HVAC industry is so competitive.  This makes it better for the consumers; however, beware of Evergreen Park HVAC Contractors taking advantage of the financial situation our country […]