10 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A New Furnace Now

We have had a fairy mild winter so far here in Chicago.  However, now that we are in February, old man winter has seemed to finally show up.  The days and night have finally gotten much colder, and we are finally getting some snow.  The cold temperatures are now finally giving our furnaces a workout. […]

What is an AFUE Rating and Why It Is Important?

What does AFUE stand for? AFUE is an abbreviation for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is important, because the FTC requires that all new furnaces and boilers display the AFUE ratings. It allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency of different furnaces and boilers. Many consumers have confusion over what Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency actually […]

New furnace tax credit to expire

If you’re having trouble with your furnace or boiler and are thinking about replacing it, hurry the expiration of the energy tax credit expires in 19 days. Receive a tax credit up to 30% of the cost of installation of a 95.1% efficient furnace or boiler. New high efficient furnace and boilers are a great […]

Furnaces Vs Boilers in Chicago

Furnaces verses Boilers. That is the age old question. Which heating device provides a better source of heat? Steam or water boiler heat is the most comfortable heat provided. However, the cost can be an issue. Forced air heat can give you efficiencies up to 97% meaning that you only lose 3% of natural gas efficiency […]

Furnace Repair Alsip IL 60803

If your in need of a furnace, heater, or a boiler repair contractor, why would you call anyone but Around The Town Heating and Cooling? We are located in 2 locations:  4912 135Th St. in Crestwood (708-560-5410) and 3511 west 116th Pl. in Chicago (312-243-9896). We are a small company with high expectations of our […]