Furnace Service Chicago

Furnace Service Chicago and older piloted type of furnaces Q: I have an older type of furnace and the pilot light keeps going out, what can I do to stop that? A: There are a couple of items that can be causing this problem, 1 the thermocouple may be defective. 2 the gas valve internal […]

furnace problems / furnace repair/ furnace odor

Did your furnace act weird last night? Heating season has begun. Usually we receive calls stating that a furnace or boiler has acted weird or was smelling funny and the home owner was concerned. Many times during furnace start up you may get a dust burning smell. Many homes have dust trapped in the duct […]

Furnace Tune Up and Cleaning

Like your car or your truck, in order to achieve peak performances you have to tune your furnace up. If you want the most efficiency from your furnace or boiler, you should consider having the heating system cleaned and tuned annually. I hear from customers every heating season that their gas bills are high. With furnaces, we […]

Heating/Furnace Chicago

We Chicagoans can handle the sleet, cold rain, blowing fierce snowy days and nights and the frigidly cold temperatures, but what we Chicagoans can’t handle, is those high gas bills! You might say how do we avoid the corporate greed of Nicor, Peoples Energy and Nibsco, who charges us to the hilt for warmth from the […]

Basement flooding and furnace problems Chicago

These rain storms of late and the flooding of basements has really put a damper on the summer festivities. At Around The Town Heating and Cooling, we know this and are here for you and the restoration of your furnaces or boilers.  We will diligently work with your insurance company to get you up and […]