What is an AFUE Rating and Why It Is Important?

What does AFUE stand for? AFUE is an abbreviation for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is important, because the FTC requires that all new furnaces and boilers display the AFUE ratings. It allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency of different furnaces and boilers. Many consumers have confusion over what Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency actually […]

New furnace

Today’s furnaces can run up to 97% energy efficient. The standard furnace of today is a minimum of 80% efficient. Now, if you have a 20 year or older furnace, you can be sending your hard earned money up the chimney and providing new corporate jets for the gas company Ceo’s. Ask yourself, is that […]

Chicago Furnace Back To School Sale

It will be back to school very soon.  The stores have been stocking the shelves with school supplies.  Instead of school supplies, we have been stocking our shop with high efficient boilers and furnaces for our own Chicago Furnace Back To School Sale. Autumn will be here shortly, and the weather will be changing like […]