Heating and Air conditioning System Chicago

Heating and Air conditioning System Chicago and Around the Town Heating and Cooling wish everyone a great safe Labor Day 2012! | Labor Day is considered the end of the summer season and a last chance to go on trips with your families before the big dig in for school kids and their studies and […]

Free Estimate for a New Central Air Conditioning System

I f you’re in the market for a new central air conditioning system and price dictates the purchase, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. Price should be a consideration but not the only consideration, installation and quality of the air conditioning equipment should be considered as well. If you have a […]

Central Air Conditioner sales

March is just around the corner with more pleasant weather soon to follow. Estimates for central air conditioner sales are now flowing freely and with income tax rebates coming soon and spring sales going on, this is truly the best time to purchase your new central air conditioner. If financing a new central air conditioner is what […]

Boiler problems/flooded basements

This past spring and summer we have seen much rain fall as well as power outages due to the high winds and lightning strikes. How has this affected you? Our call logs have been greater due to the fact sump pumps failed due to lack of power and backup systems only last so long.  With […]

Selling Your Home? Does your heating and cooling equipment make a difference?

Are you selling your home in Chicago?  As you probably know, kitchens, bathrooms, and closet space are very important factors in the sale of your home. Other important factors in selling your home are the mechanical workings of your home. For example, there is the electrical, plumbing, and the air conditioning and heating. When a […]

Chicago Furnace Back To School Sale

It will be back to school very soon.  The stores have been stocking the shelves with school supplies.  Instead of school supplies, we have been stocking our shop with high efficient boilers and furnaces for our own Chicago Furnace Back To School Sale. Autumn will be here shortly, and the weather will be changing like […]