Summer Weather is Coming Chicago


Is your Air Conditioner Ready?

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” is one of those oft-heard sayings during the summer in places where the air is humid. Another is, “It’s 90 degrees and the humidity is 90 per cent!” And where the weather is not humid, “It’s hot — but it’s a dry heat!”

How much truth is there to those?

To try to quantify what the air “feels like” in a single number, the apparent temperature, or heat index, has come to be widely implemented over the years. In the old days, there was what’s known as the temperature-humidity index, or THI, but that was largely abandoned, probably because its values weren’t very meaningful. Meanwhile, Canada uses the “humidex.”

All these things are ways to try to get around simply using the temperature and the dewpoint separately rather than combined, because not enough people are familiar enough with the use of dewpoint in the communication of how humid the air is.

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