Storm Damaged Central AC

Storm damaged Central AC have been wide spread throughout the Chicago land area due to storms past and of course the storms to come.

Storm Damaged central ac and today’s forecast for 6-12-2013, the weather forecasters are warning us of heavy rain storms with lightning and thunder. Your central a/c may be at risk.

If you have experienced a storm damaged central Ac, the first call should be to your insurance company and then the second call should be to Around the Town HVAC.
Is there a way to protect your central air conditioning during storms? Yes, turn it off during the peak of the storm.  As long as no electrical energy is being consumed at your central a/c then the chances of a lightning strike decreases tenfold.

Storm damaged Central AC
storm damaged central air, If a lightning strike can do this to your roof, imagine what it can do to your a/c system.

Other ways to help eliminate lightning damage to your a/c is to have us install a surge protector. Another way to avoid storm damaged central AC is to have Around The Town HVAC do a summer a/c maintenance check, part of this maintenance check includes checking the a/c system for proper earth grounding.

Insurance companies do not like to pay air conditioning claims, however if a professional air conditioning contractor like us knows how to check for a storm damaged central AC then that’s half the battle.
Of course there will be a deductible, no worries mate’s” we can help with that too. Stormed damaged central AC sometimes can be repaired by replacing capacitors and condenser fan motors. This is a rear occurrence but it sometimes happens. Most of the storm damage central AC we see, are blown compressors and that cost of repair (especially on r-22 a/c systems) is not worth saving the a/c unit.

So with the storms approaching try to shut off the a/c system until the storm passes. This will help in relieving storm damaged central ac. Any questions feel free to call 312-243-9896 and ask for Big Ed.

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