Steam Boiler Chicago

Steam Boiler Chicago

It’s already snowing and winter isn’t even officially here! Make sure your boiler is up for the challenge!

The majority of homes and buildings found in Chicago are vintage. Although less common today, most of these older buildings still use a steam boiler.

A steam boiler’s function is simple, keep you and your home warm. Considering the age of most of these systems, it’s best to preform regular maintenance and repairs to keep them in working order!

Ensure your Steam Boiler can generate enough heat for your home with Steam Boiler Maintenance & Repair services from Around the Town Heating & Cooling.

  • Steam Boiler Repair
  • New Steam Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Repair

We service customers throughout Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.

Whether you own a single family home or manage a large residential building, our qualified technicians are here to help. Steam boiler heating systems have few moving parts and can often last longer than more contemporary heating systems. However, proper service and maintenance is crucial to a long lasting system.

Steam Boiler ChicagoSome common steam boiler service include:

  • Checking controls
  • Checking the safety valve (also temperature and pressure relief valve)
  • Checking gauges (pressure gauge & regulator)
  • Inspecting and adjusting the burner.
  • Checking and setting the air valves
  • Making general repairsDon’t let Chicago’s notoriously cold weather creep into your home interior. Stay warm with Steam Boiler services from Around the Town Heating & Cooling!

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