Spacepak Air Conditioning Systems

Spacepak Air Conditioning Systems, What You Need to Know!

Spacepak air conditioning systems are nice and efficient. The Spacepak air conditioning systems do make air conditioning less of a challenge then the convention steel duct-work. These specialty AC systems are for use when your home or business that is fitted with boiler heat system.  Spacepak are also used in historical buildings that need air conditioning systems.

Spacepak air conditioning systems
This system is a Unico high velocity air conditioning system installed in Hinsdale IL. we prefer these system over Spacepak

Other uses for Spacepak air conditioning systems are laundry facilities and other areas where spot cooling is necessary.  The Spacepak air conditioning system uses can be endless with the right imagination.

Keeping it Real!

Spacepak air conditioning systems is not the catch all of specialty air conditioning systems, but aid in providing central air conditioning and spot cooling applications.  We have installed many high velocity Spacepak systems and regardless what the brochures and online information says; minor construction always seems to be needed.

In the Chicago land area, many Chicago homes are bungalows; those homes are perfect for Spacepak systems. Take some two and three story Beverley homes on Long wood drive,  or the historic homes on the north side and north shore.  The Spacepak systems installations always require some construction or maybe two systems at best.

These systems work well and are pretty quiet.  Out of 100 or so Spacepak systems we installed dating back 15 years only one motor has failed. And only a few Spacepak duct-works opened up losing air flow. Those were both easy fixes. Cost associated with these fixes was comparable to any HVAC repair.

Like any mechanical equipment maintenance is required. If the consumers of Spacepak air conditioning systems choose not to perform these maintenance’s, then surely the Spacepak systems will fail sooner then later. Therefore when shopping out these Spacepak air conditioning systems be sure to keep in mind maintenance.

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