Should I replace my furnace?

Replace my furnace WHY?

1. Should I replace my furnace ? The answer to that is based solely on these few questions. and of course the new furnace laws that are approaching may 1st 2013.

2. Is your furnace problematic? If yes; replacing it with a new high efficient furnace with a ten year parts and labor warranty isn’t a bad idea. Does your furnace look like this?

3. Is your furnace over ten years old? If so; then due to the new furnace laws from the DOE (department of energy) which comes into effect May 1st 2013 that states minimum efficiencies must be at least 90%, what does that mean to you, it means that the current furnace you may have is vented into a chimney with steel vent pipe and the that means your furnace may be 80% or less depending on the age of the furnace and the condition of your furnace. Efficiencies do decrease over years and if the furnace hasn’t been maintained, for example; lack of filter changes and annual maintenance’s performed by a qualified heating contractor. Water damaged furnace from flooding or moisture from a damp basement.

4. Have you remodel your home and added more space? Have you moved walls around and your venting for warm air has change? Replace my furnace? If the answer to these questions is yes, you may want to have Around The Town heating out to you residence to have a look see if your system is still adequate for your dwelling, especially now with the new furnace efficiency laws coming to bear May 1st 2013.

5. And of course the final question, how much is your gas bill? And do you want to keep giving your hard earned money to the gas companies? Not only giving your money away but what about the environment, purchasing a high efficient furnace will make you a player in reducing the carbon footprint as well as decreasing the amount of fossil fuel that is used, thus helping the reduction in fossil fuel usages.

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Note: when the new furnace efficiency laws come into effect May 1st 2013, so will the increase in furnace installation prices. (Supply and Demand).
If you have been contemplating a new furnace give us a call for a free in-home estimate at 312-243-9896!

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