Restaurant cooking and cooling repair contractor

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Restuarant cooking and cooling repair contractor.

Murphy’s Law, when everything seems to be going perfect, as a matter of fact too perfect, you walk into your restaurant in the morning to start your preparation for the day. You turn on your steamer ovens, warm up your fryers and ovens, you open up the door to stock your reach-in cooler and it feels warm inside. Uh oh, what to do now? You being a restaurateur, you already have your cooking and cooling contractor’s number on the wall in your office, and you give them a call. They tell you they are not available for 7 hours. Your fight or flight response kicks into high gear, and you surf the web to find another cooking and cooling contractor. Your search results find us. Around The Town Heating & Cooling And Refrigeration, Inc.

You call us to see how soon we can be there to make your reach-in cooler repair. Of course we are Johnny on the Spot and we will be there within 2 hours. As you are waiting for us to arrive, Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head again!!!!! You walk past your deep fryer and notice that there is no heat coming from the cooking oil. Dam Murphy’s law” You think to yourself “I hope these guys coming out to fix my reach in cooler can fix that too! Yes we can, and we would be more than happy to help you with your deep fryer. Around The Town Refrigeration and restaurant cooking repair service sector is highly trained to handle almost all your restaurant needs.

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