Chicago Residential Air Conditioning

Things you should know about with residential air conditioning, learn the terminology it might come in handy.

The air conditioning terminology you may need to know is Refrigerant R-22, Puron 410-a ozone friendly refrigerant. Seer is an energy word, seasonal energy efficiency ratio meaning the efficiencies or air conditioners, the higher the seer the more efficient the air conditioning is.

Condenser or condensing unit, that’s the name for the outside unit.

The compressor is the main component of the a/c system, with out the air conditioning compressor no cooling can be produced.  In the picture, on the top part of the condenser depicts a condenser fan motor which expels the heat that is taken from your home and delivers it outside.  Residential cooling is not that difficult if you understand the basics.  Other key components that must function properly in your residential air conditioner is the capacitors for the compressor and the condenser fan motor, capacitor’s are basically a electrical energy storage device.

The next important component of your condenser is the contactor, the contactor is the device that acts as the brain of the outdoor unit, when the indoor Thermostats calls for cooling a 24 volt signal is sent to the contactor and the contactor pulls in and makes contacts that send the 220 volt power through the capacitors to the compressor and condenser fan motor simultaneously allowing your comfort cooling to begin. The next important item is the condenser coils, in the picture you see part of the coils cutaway however on your own unit, that the coils you see on the sides of the condenser. Cleanliness and its important’s, its imperative that your condenser, a/c or air conditioning unit be very clean and free of  debris, cottonwood and any other lints or dirt.

Summer is here and the air conditioning companies are out to get your business so be informed and don’t forget to have Around The Town Heating and Cooling out to clean and check your a/c or tune it up! Thanks Big Ed 708-560-5410 or 312-243-9896

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