Replace air conditioner

Replace air conditioner, In the market for a new air conditioner? Around The Town Heating and Cooling has remarkable pricing on R-22 replacement systems as well as the on the new alleged ozone friendly 410 -a systems. That’s right you heard me say alleged” do you want an explanation? I’ll give you one, If the 410-a refrigerant systems or better known as Puron are ozone friendly then why can’t we hvac contractors vent this ozone friendly refrigerant into the atmosphere? The reason for this is, it’s just another gimmick by the government the lobbyist and the corporate America selling a bill of goods to Americans and the rest of the world. For example the governments gave Al Gore a noble peace prize for his documentary on the ozone layer, oh’ Please! And since then how many scientist and ordinary average conspiracy theorist prove Gore wrong? countless amounts.

Back to the topic of selling air conditioners, Around The Town Heating and Cooling is offering 90 days same as cash financing for qualified buyers and we’re also offering a layaway plan if you need that option.

Spring then summer will come very quick and if you live in the high rises of Chicago your air conditioning season will start shortly. If you were having problems with your air conditioner at the end of last summer then it may be a wise decision to call and schedule a cleaning for your air conditioner this way you save money on the service call the labor and the price of Refrigerant per pound is a bit cheaper. Air conditioner Chicago has clean and check prices that can’t be beat. Call today to schedule your air conditioner tune up now. Be the first on the list.  Call Now. South loop air conditioner and Downtown Chicago 312-243-9896  Citywide773-809-4103 south suburbs 708-560-5410

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