Printer’s Row Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance

Printers Row

60605, Printer’s Row Furnace, Heating & HVAC System Repair or Maintenance

Printers row, what a beautiful place to live, I guess I don’t need to tell you that because if your looking at this blog you probably live there.
However the history of printers row is really remarkable. The old printer buildings converted to condo’s and lofts are really remarkable.
The renovators of these old historic buildings have a touch of nostalgia to leave old steel doors in place,  and some lofts and condos have the cranes still in the building and is part of the interior design of the home.

Having stated the obvious about printers row, there is another side to the historic structures you may not know. That is your heating and cooling equipment. You may wonder what I mean?
These heating and air conditioning systems get a little more abuse then your heating and cooling equipment in regular homes with drywall and such. Why is that? well with the old structures of printers row, the majority of the condos and lofts are all brick. What this means to your heating systems is that in the winter it takes quite a long time to heat the brick to give you a good thermal blanket as you will. Now in the summer its just the opposite, the humidity that pours through the brick makes your air conditioning system work super hard.  So performing annual maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems should be a priority. If not” maybe it should be.

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