Peoples Gas Furnace Rebates

Peoples gas furnace rebates

Peoples gas furnace rebates for residential and light commercial buildings are almost at the end of the special promotion doubling down on peoples gas rebates back to you.
November 30th is the deadline for $1000.00 cash back for a 95% efficient furnace. That was then in November 2012.

Now peoples gas furnace rebates are much lower but still do exist.

If you need a furnace and are going to go high efficient with your new furnace then what’s the wait?
Due to the new furnace laws that are approaching; purchasing a high efficient furnace now might not be a bad idea. When the new furnace law comes into effect May 1st 2013 the prices of 95% efficient furnaces will more than likely soar due to demand.  That law has expired and as of now there is not a furnace law looming anytime soon.

So while Peoples gas is offering the $350.00 back for a 95% efficient furnace you may want to act now before you lose the cool $350.00
This is a true gift from Peoples gas, so what’s the hesitation?

Around The Town heating and cooling is offering a great deal on new 95% efficient furnaces, just yesterday we installed 2 furnace for a customer of ours for $5280.00 which included new programmable thermostat’s and we added some duct runs for better air flow. they will get $700.00 and they installed their own set back thermostat and received to $20.00 rebates as well.
This was 2 tears ago, Now you may think $5280.00 was a lot of money but it isn’t, the furnaces cost Jim $2640.00 each and then Jim received $ 2000.00 back from Peoples gas, so therefore the furnaces cost Jim$1640.00 each and Jim also had duct work installed as well plus decreasing his gas bills as much as 40%. Now I ask you, what wrong with that? You cannot purchase an 80% efficient furnace for that price.

So I say to those living in the territory of Peoples and North shore gas act now before you lose this gift.
Call to schedule a free estimate for your new high efficient furnace today at 312-243-9896 and ask to speak with ED.

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