Palos Park Heating & Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

Around the Town HVAC, a local Palos Park (60464) Air conditioning repair contractor states that although the weather has cooled down a bit, it is still important keep your air conditioner system running up to its full capacity. We have some helpful tips for troubleshooting your Air Conditioner.

Make sure the thermostat is set lower than the room temperature for a/c, also check the batteries in the thermostat if you have a digital. Check for power by moving the thermostat fan switch from auto to fan on, if the blower motor runs this will tell you that you have power to the furnace or air handler.

If nothing happens than check for blown fuses or check your circuit breaker for the furnace, air handler and a/c at the circuit breaker panel. If it still isn’t working than call Around The Town Heating and Cooling for service. Another test or tip, Place the switch on cool and the fan switch on auto, move the thermostat below the room temperature. If the blower runs but the condenser (the outdoor unit) doesn’t check the circuit panel. If the breaker(S) is on, check the condenser (the outdoor unit) and see if it comes on.

Some furnaces or air handlers are located in the basement, and may have a condensate pump, check if the pump is plugged in. Attic units or a unit above bathrooms  in chicago condos and townhomes, could have a float switch in the safety pan that will shut the condenser off if the drain is clogged. If there is water around the unit, call for service.

Around The Town Heating and Cooling a 60464 Palos Park Air Conditioner Service Repair Contractor says try these helpful tips before you call for air conditioner service repair. We are only a phone call away and have quality trained technicians to help with your A/C  or furnace repair needs. Don’t wait for the hot humid days or nights, schedule your A/C tune up today.

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