Orland Park hvac contractor

Orland Park hvac contractor

Winter 2010/2011 is almost over. The warm weather is approaching, so are the rain storms, the hot weather and the kids getting out of school for the summer.

Air conditioning system 101. Was your air conditioning system giving you trouble at the end of last summer? If so, did you do anything about it? Well if you found this blog then you may want to keep on reading.

If your a/c  system is between 8 and 15 years old and you’re not ready to replace the system, “don’t replace just re-new it”. We have found a solution for worn out compressors and systems with lack of oil in the compressors that is causing problems. Dirt is  a major role in the improper functioning of air conditioning systems. Dirty furnace filters have been a major role poor performances of air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning tune ups can prove to be a money saver for you the consumer, when you dial our phone number 708-560-5410 and ask us how we can save your air conditioning system and make the air conditioning system run more efficiently, you start your savings at that point.

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