Orland Hills Central Air Conditioning Repair

Is your Air Conditioner Not Working Like New?

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If so consider upgrading to a new and higher efficient a/c system, and stop over paying Com Ed for all the energy (watts) consumption the old air conditioner use.  You may not realize that in 2016 the new central air conditioning systems no longer will be using HCFC Refrigerant R-22 and will be replaced with 410-A ozone friendly refrigerant or Commonly called puron, all though puron is a manufactures name.

With the energy star efficiencies and the green planet craze, the cost of new central air conditioning with the Go Green refrigerants has increased significantly, however Around The Town Heating and Cooling figured a way to keep the cost increase reasonable and still keep the company operating.  The economy is in bad enough condition without another company going out of business. Orland Hills is a growing community there are now 2 zip codes and the beautification of the streets. The village officials like all others are following the movement of thinking Green!

Summer is here, don’t forget to call us to schedule your A/C tune up now! Only $79.00 Call: 708-560-5410

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