Old Air Conditioning System?

Old air conditioning system. Should I replace it or not? Or To be or not to be’ is the question.

The old adage is”
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.
But if it’s costing you money replace it!
Is your central a/c is making the power companies rich with high electric bills?  Have you had more repairs than usual?  Is your old air conditioning system 10 years and greater?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then it’s time to cut the purse strings and replace it. What are the advantages to replacing your system? Well, let’s think about this” lower electric bills, warranty for ten years, better comfort cooling, fewer allergens circulating through your home due to a dirty and moldy evaporator coil.  In my opinion, those are a few good arguments to replace your old central air conditioning system.

We have exceptional pricing with a ten-year parts and labor warranty. And as a bonus from us for your business, we will throw in 1 free tune-up in one year for your furnace and a/c and provide you at time of installation a box of HVAC approved furnace filters. And we will give you $30 dollars for the scrap price of your old air conditioning system.

Great things come from quality installations at affordable pricing such as word of mouth referrals, a great warranty package and a fine howdy do from all of us here at Around the Town HVAC. This great deal to replace your old air conditioning system starts 8-10-2014 and ends 9-31-2014. Call today and ask for Ed 312-243-9896  or 708-560-5410

old air conditioning system
This old air conditioning system by Amana was installed by my father in 1972 and is still operating, although Mrs. very seldom uses it, it does still work

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