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Are you looking for a fresh face concerning your local heating contractors? Have you had enough of the same local contractor`s bull?

If so, Around The Town Heating and cooling has expanded our quality service in the heating and cooling sector to the residents of Oak Park, IL. Being that we service Chicago area right next door to your neighborhood, we figured we should help you out as well!

The cold weather has arrived and heating systems are at full operational mode.  A couple of things you can do as a home owner right now would be to make sure your furnace filter is clean, make sure all your registers are open, and make sure the return air registers are not restricted.  Also, make sure you have your furnace cleaned and maintained.

If you own a boiler and it’s a water boiler, make sure your radiators are bled and the water feeder is feeding properly.  Look at your boiler gauge and make sure the arrow is pointed at 12 to 20 pounds on the bottom of the gauge and the water temperature is reading about 180 degrees on the top part of the gauge.

If you own a steam boiler, make sure to flush down the boiler at the low water cutoff handle once a week. Pay attention that when you are flushing the boiler that the water feeder kicks in and refills the boiler.  Check your sight glass (the little glass thing on the side of the steam boiler) and make sure it’s about half way up the glass.  It may go a little higher then half but that’s ok. Check your gauge and see if you’re reading about ½ pound of steam or so.

If you are mechanical and know how to use a level, check your radiators and make sure you have a slight pitch back towards the supply pipe or shut off, or the radiator valve. If the radiators are pitched the wrong way, you may get water trapped and knocking may occur. If you have painted your radiators, make sure the paint did not close the steam vent holes.  You can go to your local hardware store and purchase new steam vents and put them on.

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