New Furnace/New air conditioning

Planning on up grading your air conditioning systems?  That is a wise choice since most of the new furnace and air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient. If you are going to only replace your furnace, make sure that the blower motor is sized correctly to handle air flow issues as well as the possibility of installing a higher efficient air conditioning system. The majority of the new super seer central air conditioning systems require a variable speed or ECM blower motor.

Why is that?  To achieve the full energy efficiency of your central air conditioning system, most manufactures suggest you have a variable speed blower motor for 16 seer and above a/c systems to receive the fullest potential of your hvac equipment. You may think to yourself, if I am to replace my furnace whom do I call, this is a dilemma that shoppers are always skeptical about! Around The Town is a family owned business that offers our assistants in your decision making for your new furnace or central air conditioning system!

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