New furnace

Today’s furnaces can run up to 97% energy efficient. The standard furnace of today is a minimum of 80% efficient. Now, if you have a 20 year or older furnace, you can be sending your hard earned money up the chimney and providing new corporate jets for the gas company Ceo’s.

Ask yourself, is that statement above true? Of course, it’s true. The gas companies have no qualm about taking your money by supplying you with natural gas especially for the natural gas guzzling furnaces or boilers.

One of our jobs at Around The Town heating is to provide you with comfort heating of course. Secondly, we provide you sound advice concerning your heating system and its efficiencies. Thirdly, we are there when you need us.

Performance factors of a furnace consist of proper sizing, how well the furnace is maintained, and the age of the furnace as well as the AFUE of the furnace. Manufactures design furnaces with annual fuel utilization efficiency — another words, the cost of gas consumption during a heating season.

Take a long hard look at your gas bills and the amount of breakdowns you have and this should help you decide if it’s time to upgrade to a more energy efficient furnace.

The furnace manufactures along with our great political leaders will force us to purchase new high efficient furnaces simply by allowing our natural gas suppliers to keep increasing gas cost delivery rates and carrying charges. It is true that our leaders offered a tax incentive for purchasing a new high efficient furnace or heating system. Purchase your new high efficient furnace from us today while furnace prices are still affordable. You know when they raise natural gas rates, the purchase price of a new high efficient furnace will soar.